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Oct 20, 2017

Season 3 of Story Germ is back!  After almost losing friend due to my dick-ishness we sit down and air our grievances and work things out.  Follow us @storygerm

Feb 15, 2017

This week I visited my buddy Tim in L.A. and we had a nice chat about politics on the drive to a brewery. 

Feb 2, 2017

I rant about something this week.  You'll enjoy it.  

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Jan 26, 2017

I visited the Santa Fe Brewing Company last summer.  Here's a quick episode for your listening pleasure. Be sure to follow us on twitter @storygerm and check out our patreon page at 

Jan 18, 2017

This week I take a look back at my stand-up comedy show "HaHa Very Funny".  Follow me @storygerm and @delaboots

Jan 4, 2017

This week I look back at my old show The Poor Decisions Podcast.

Dec 21, 2016

I went to go see the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.  It got me thinking about frisson and what it means to me and how it relates to the Star Wars franchise.  I also reminisce about my time as a movie theater worker and my co-host of the @luchaundead podcast even joins me to tell me what gives him goosebumps.  Follow me @storygerm

Dec 14, 2016

This week I offer some thoughts on a video that made the front page of reddit, uploaded by  It involves some Best Buy employees giving a kid a brand new Wii U system.  I talk about the internet's reaction to it and how videos like this really bring out the cynics in people.  Follow me @storygerm

Dec 7, 2016

Story Germ is BACK!  It's been exactly one year since our last upload.  The format has changed, I will know be presenting to you weekly stories in a narrative, NPR-style format.  This week we bring you an episode where I visit the Berthoud Brewing Company in Berthoud, Colorado. Be sure to follow us on twitter @storygerm

Dec 7, 2015

We finish up our story from last week in our "Network" meets "Office Space" mashup.  If you like this show please leave us a rating on iTunes or where ever you listen to podcasts and be sure to follow us on twitter @storygerm.  

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Nov 30, 2015

We break a story thats in the same vain as Network and Office Space.  Look out for part 2 next week!

Nov 23, 2015

We flesh out the story outline for a movie best described as a hero's journey in the same vain as Kingpin and Hot Rod.  A story about a boy who wants to be a wrestler and all the things he has to go through to achieve it.